Family Mediation

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Family mediation

If you are contemplating separation, we encourage you to consider mediation as a first and hopefully least difficult choice. With the help of a Mowll & Mowll family mediator, we believe you can communicate clearly, resolve problems, and reach informed decisions to ease your way through this potentially painful and complex process.

We encourage you to find your own solutions within a safe and constructive environment, with the assistance of a family mediator, empowering you to move forward as best suits you.

The Key Principles

  • Impartial
  • Confidential
  • Voluntary

The Benefits of Mediation

  • Self-determination – you are in control of what is discussed, and you decide the pace.
  • Child focused – your children remain at the centre of discussions enabling you to find solutions which are right for you as a family.
  • Lower costs and potential conflict – away from the adversarial court system, you do not have the costs and animosity often associated with more traditional methods of concluding financial or children issues.
  • Communication – people choose family mediation because they wish to foster or continue at least civil relations for the wellbeing of children involved.
  • Speed – the time it takes to reach a clear set of proposals is always much shorter than if proceedings were issued at court.

How does Mediation Work?

Both parties sit down together with a neutral mediator who facilitates a discussion around the issues that you wish to resolve. Your Mowll & Mowll mediator will not judge or take sides but will work with you to explore the options available.

The mediator is not your legal advisor and will not give any legal advice or make decisions for you. Mediators can however give legal information and give you an overview of what the court guidelines are, so you are equipped to make decisions which are right for you and your family.

Once you have been able to reach a resolution the mediator will provide the parties with a summary of what was discussed, and the proposals reached. You are then encouraged to seek legal advice and have the summary incorporated into a binding document or order of the court.

Our mediator

Eileen Sutton is a solicitor, collaborative lawyer and an “all issues” family mediator. She can provide a bespoke service built around the needs of your family.

Eileen is a committed member of Resolution and is an accredited specialist with portfolios in Advanced Financial Provision and Children Law. She has also received accredited status with the Law Society and is a member of the Family Law Advanced Panel.

Eileen always aims to keep the needs of the children at the centre of any discussion, and is dedicated to bringing about successful outcomes for families.

If you think mediation could be the right path for you or you have any queries please call Eileen Sutton.

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